Dr. Peter Garraghan

Group Lead
Peter Garraghan is a Reader (US Full Professor equiv.) and EPSRC Fellow (2021 – 2024) in Computer Science and has published over 50 peer-reviewed articles in the field of distributed systems. His research expertise is improving the performance, resilience, and sustainability of systems at scale (Cloud datacentres, Deep Learning systems) in the face of societal and environmental change.

Research area: Distributed systems, Machine Learning Systems, Cloud datacenters, green computing, resource schedulers, system security.

Dr. Yao Lu

Senior Research Associate

Dr. Yao Lu is a Senior Research Associate in EDS lab. He is funded by an EPSRC fellowship to analyze and design sustainable datacenters.

Dr. John Hutchinson

Senior Research Associate

John Hutchinson is a Senior Research Associate in the EDS lab working in the area of Sustainable ICT. He has published over 40 peer-reviewed papers and articles, predominantly on aspects of software engineering, with a particular emphasis on the adoption of model driven development.

Additionally, his research interests include human aspects of software engineering, NLP, HCI and usability. John has broad experience both inside and outside Higher Education, including spells as a software development engineer in the aerospace industry and as an innovation fellow in academic Knowledge Exchange.

Damian Borowiec

PhD Student

Damian is a final year PhD student researching the relationships between energy and cost of use vs. the computational processing performance trade-offs for Deep Learning (DL) systems. More specifically, he investigates novel approaches to automatic DL optimization as well as design techniques for DL inference and training systems at scale. Damian’s thesis, in Computer Science, is part of the energy theme in the Material Social Futures Centre for Doctoral Training (MSF CDT).

Research area: Energy-efficiency, DL Compilers & Optimization

James Bulman

PhD Student

James is a final year PhD student researching Cloud gaming, specifically dynamic distribution of ray tracing and collision detection physics within Cloud datacenters.

Research area: Cloud gaming, distributed ray tracing, collision detection.

William Hackett

PhD Student

William is a second year PhD student focusing on secure Machine Learning systems.

Research area: Security, Deep Learning, GPUs.

Matthew Hodkin

PhD student

Matt is a first year PhD student studying sustainable network infrastructure, and is jointly co-supervised by BT.

Dominic Lindsay

PhD Student

Dominic is a final year PhD student investigating ‘Polymorphic’ scheduling – In which workload orchestration is composed in response to workload characteristics.

Dominic was a research intern at Arm Research, Cambridge.

Research area : Distributed Systems, Scheduling, Workload Orchestration, Distributed Systems Architecture, IoT, Cloud and Fog/Edge Computing.

Petter Terenius

PhD Student

Petter is a final year PhD student linking data centre placement, features and energy use to HCI principles, sustainability and decision-making.

Research area: Interaction design, sustainability, energy, datacenters

Stefan Trawicki

PhD student

Stefan is a second year PhD student focusing on secure Deep Learning systems.

Weijia Li

MSc By Research

Lewis Birch

PhD Student

Lewis is a first year PhD student focusing on secure Machine Learning systems.

Affiliate Members

Prof. Richard Harper

Professor @ Lancaster University
Website | Profile

Prof. Neeraj Suri

Distinguished Professor & Chair in Security @ Lancaster University
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Dr. Gingfung Yeung (2018 – 2022)

Research Scientist @ Huawei R&D, Edinburgh

Dr. Atif Saeed (2017-2020)

Assistant Professor @ COMSATS University Islamabad

Dr. Sukhpal Gill (2018-2019)

Lecturer/Assistant Professor@ Queen Mary University of London

Daria Smirnova (2017-2019)

First employment: Research Associate @ Lancaster University